Internet Affiliate Marketing

      The concept of affiliate marketing in general is nothing new. However, in
the past year the popularity of internet affiliate marketing has EXPLODED.
This article is about internet affiliate marketing with Clickbank and Adwords.

      Nowadays you have rich jerks, poor jerks, and other affiliate gurus all
reaping in the big affiliate bucks while promoting their latest ebook on 'how
to strike it rich' with affiliate marketing. Everywhere you look there is a new
internet affiliate marketing guru. It may seem like everyone is succeeding at
internet affiliate marketing but you...

      This couldn't be further from the truth. The vast majority of internet affiliate
marketers fail to earn a single paycheck. Thats right most affiliate marketers
simply fail. Thats not to discourage you from trying internet affiliate
marketing-it just that you have to have realistic expectations. You won't get
rich overnight or make 'easy money' -no matter what some guru tells you.

      Most people who enter the world of affiliate marketing underestimate the
steep learning curve. Think that selling your own products is difficult? Selling
someones else's product is harder.

      Success with internet affiliate marketing takes time persistence, and a
strong cash flow to fund numerous advertising campaigns. Adwords for
example is a common advertising service most internet affiliate marketers
use. But Adwords can get very expensive and conversion rates tend be low.
A decent conversion rate for a Clickbank product is around .7-2 percent so if
you are paying 40 cents a click for the keyword 'make money online' and
have a $20 commission you have better have 2 percent conversion or you
will go into the red. As you can see, you have to be careful not to overspend.

      To make a livable income with internet affiliate marketing you would have
to promote hundreds of products and be able to regulate dozens of
advertising campaigns. You also have to keep track of the competition and
swap out stale products with new ones. Profit margins tend to be slim.

      As you can see, I'm not a big fan of a internet affiliate marketing,
especially with Adwords; these 'get rich quick' affiliate gurus make me
queasy. Internet affiliate marketing is most effective with a large content
based website since you can presell visitors with rich content before
referring them to the merchant's page. This tends to result in higher
conversions rather then just sending the visitor to a sales page as most of
these gurus seem to advocate.

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