Pixel Pages...Scam or Not?

      Ever since the first pixel page was launched in late August literally
hundreds of pixel pages have emerged. It seems everyone is trying to cash
in on  the pixel boom.

      You may have you may have noticed that the majority of pixel pages are
empty. But nevertheless, people continue to make pixel pages. But at this
point it seems supply has far exceeded demand. The vast majority of pixel
site owners are unable to sell even a single square.

      Since the majority of webmasters aren't having success with their pixel
pages, if you do decide to buy advertising space on a pixel page you may not
get any return on your investment (ROI). Thats because if webmasters are
unable to sell enough advertising they are simply going to close the sites to
save hosting costs and not having to renew the domain. Don't be fooled by
the promise that the site will be hosted until 2007 because it won't

      In the coming months there will be a huge graveyard of dead pixel
pages. You don't want your advertising on one of these dead pixel pages
since you won't get any traffic from them.

      Other pixel scams involve webmasters exaggerating traffic claims. Some
say 'We get 300,000 hits a day!!!!" Others use fake testimonials and
exaggerated promises of how much business you get if you advertise.

      So if you want to advertise on a pixel page what do you do? First, I would
only advertise on the biggest sites since you will get the best ROI. Such sites
include the original MillionPixelHomePage and a couple others that are well
established. You may also get a Google PR (page rank) boost.

      Don't expect to gets tons of quality traffic though. A pixel page is
essentially a glorified link farm, but with picture links instead of text links.
Buying a small square probably won't get you any traffic and a larger square
may drive minimal traffic to your site and would be very expensive. The
quality of the traffic is also poor because people are clicking the squares out
of curiosity.

      In conclusion, I generally don't recommend advertising on pixel pages.
But if you want to advertise stick to the most established sites since you will
see the highest ROI. If you planing on building a pixel page, save your
money and time since the well has already been tapped and you probably
won't be able to sell any pixels.
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