Paid Surveys

  Paid surveys aren't necessarily scams. Paid surveys do exist and people
do get paid to take surveys. But the pay is very small (a few bucks at most)
and the vast majority of survey takers won't qualify for prizes or money.

However, in the past three years a new scam  emerged call the paid survey
membership scam where you pay a $34.95 registration fee to join a
member ship for a paid survey site. These scammers advertise that if you
join their 'exclusive' paid survey membership site you can earn thousands of
dollars a month or $150/hour taking simple 10-15 minute surveys-all in the
comfort of home. Sounds like the dream job...

Wrong! You fork up the $35- pure profit for the scammers and are granted
access to the list of survey companies. You join some of the companies and
start taking surveys. Then the harsh reality sets in. You simply cant earn the
$5-50/survey or 150 hour a promised by the survey membership site. In fact,
you make nothing.

Assuming you even qualify for the survey you will often only get prizes or
points that are convertible into prizes. However, you odds of making it to the
prize stage are very slim since the questions are designed to weed out
virtually all of the survey participants such that only a handful will qualify to
get a say $50 gift card. The point conversions are also very lame. You may
need 100,000,000,000,000 points to win a $10 gas card. What a waste of
time! And you will never make back your $35 either.

The scammers running the membership site knew this all along. They
knew that they could get gullible people to pony up the fee in the hopes of
making big money taking paid surveys in the comfort of home. These sites
are filled with fake testimonials, fake paychecks, and fake 'sample surveys'.
This is designed to lure victims into paying the fee. This is such a well
planed scam. It is done meticulously.

And getting a refund...if you paid by Clickbank simply ask Clickbank for the
refund and you will get the refund in 24 hours. Don't ask the scammers for
the refund since you won't get it from them.

Here is the lowdown. Dot pay to join a paid survey site. There are several
free paid survey sites. And while you probably won't make any money or win
anything at least you didn't throw away your money away to a group of

Look at it this way. Does it make business sense for companies to pay
$50/survey to random people? NO! Consumer research isn't done that way
since the companies would go bankrupt paying thousands or millions of
survey takers $50-$10 per survey. Read the
warning signs of scams to learn
more about avoiding scams.

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