FedEx/UPS Refund Tracer Scams

This is a new scam. The promoters claim you can make up to $75 per hour
processing refunds for FedEx and UPS.

How It Works

What's being hawked here is a software package that processes airbills and
produces reports listing packages which were delivered late. Most package
delivery services such as FedEx or UPS guarantee on-time delivery and
promise refunds for late deliveries, so presumably all the items identified on
a report produced by this software would be eligible for refunds. According to
one sales pitch, this is how the home-based entrepreneur supposedly
makes his $75 per hour:

ABC company sends 200 FedEx overnight packages per week. On average
7% of the packages are late. FedEx guarantees on time delivery. In this
case, a refund is owed on 14 packages (7% of 200). Take 14 packages
times $17 (cost to send package) and you come up with $238. So, $238 is
owed by FedEx in refunds to ABC company.

Our software produces a report that tells you how many packages ABC is
owed a credit on (14) and also the total amount of refund owed ($238) this
takes 2-5 minutes. Then you simply call FedEx (on a toll free #) and request
the refund of $238 (FedEx asks for the the airbill number to verify that the
refund is due); and they credit the account, this only takes 30 minutes. You
bill ABC for $119 (50% of the recovered money). You make $119 in
approximately 35 minutes and don't forget, you process their shipping
refunds every week!

Reality Check

Theoretically this program could work, but there's one large catch to it: You,
the entrepreneur, have to find companies like ABC - companies that ship
lots of packages by FedEx, are willing to share their airbills with you, and are
amenable to allowing you to process their refunds and keep a share of the
proceeds for yourself.

Suffice it to say there aren't many companies that fit this bill. FedEx clients
can track and verify package deliveries (and request refunds for late
deliveries) for free on the FedEx web site, so those clients have no real need
to pay someone to do it for them. Even if the process were too cumbersome
for clients to handle manually, they still wouldn't need to pay you to do it for
them; they could simply purchase the same software product themselves for
$77 and have one of their $8 per hour employees run a report and make a
phone call to FedEx once a day or so.

The bottom line: the only people making money from "refund processing"
software are those who are selling it to gullible buyers.

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