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A dream job that many people visualize is strolling through stores and
enjoying the displays, while earning a paycheck. Known as Mystery
Shopping, these ads glamorize the idea of shopping for merchandise then
filing reports on your experiences to earn $10 or even $20 per hour.

But not all mystery shopping offers are fraudulent, which s why it is listed
under the 'warning section'. Some people do get paid to mystery shop, albeit
the pay is marginal and it is usually conducted by professionals. The ones
that require a $20-50 registration fee and promise 'easy income' are scams.

How it Works

 Most ads for Mystery Shoppers are actually scams that hit you up for
$29.95, or $19.95 or $49.95. For this fee, or "application charge," you will be
supplied with a list of places and companies that may hire Mystery
Shoppers. The key word here is 'may'.

Usually, this list is simply a collection of department store addresses and
contact information. Another scams requires that you actually buy
merchandise from a particular web site. The employer promises to refund
your purchases. However, the employer will always find a reason not to
issue a refund.

Reality Check

 Mystery Shopping is nowhere near as glamorous as it appears. Ordinarily,
it is done by the Buyers or the Merchandise Managers, who have many years
of experience, and who are very familiar with suppliers, prices, products,
special promotions, and the like. Generally, this does not involve actually
buying the merchandise. Furthermore, stores need to change the people
they send out on these spy missions so the competitors will not catch on.
For this reason, Mystery Shopping can never be a full time, permanent job.

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