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Envelope Stuffing Scams

 It seems like everywhere you turn there is an ad promising hundreds of
dollars a week, just for stuffing envelopes. Some even promise to pay $4 or
$5 per envelope stuffed! They usually require a "registration fee" of $10 to
$100 to get started. If you fall for this scam, you WILL be disappointed.
Envelope stuffing programs are nothing more than scams.

How it Works

 The most prevalent envelope stuffing con game goes like this:  You pay
your "registration fee" usually around $30.00, pure profit for the scam
operator. The operator will then send you a copy of the ad you originally
responded to, along with the wording to a classified ad, telling people about
how much money they can make stuffing envelopes, and to send a self-
addressed stamped envelope for information. When you receive someone's
SASE, you send them a copy of the ad. There, you have stuffed your first

Reality Check

 Joining an envelope stuffing program is a bad idea. Think about it…the
idea of paying someone to stuff envelopes is ridiculous. Why pay someone
even 50 cents to stuff an envelope when you can get an envelope stuffing
machine for a few hundred dollars?

 Envelope stuffing scams have been around since the great depression. As
long as people keep falling for the envelope stuffing scam, this scam will
continue to thrive.

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