Types of Scammers

There are three different types of scammers you should watch for; the
dabblers, the advanced, and the big dogs.

The Dabblers

These are the guys who may occasionally rip you off on Ebay for small items
such as a book or a computer fan. The typical monetary value involved in
these scams is usually less than $100. Dabblers usually don't build their
own websites or businesses and are usually found on Ebay. Once their
account is suspended they will either quit or re-register with a new account.  

Most dabblers make between a couple hundred to a couple thousand during
the duration of their scamming. If you are scammed by a dabbler, simply
notifying Ebay or Paypal may be sufficient in getting your money back.

The Advanced.

These scammers typically build their own websites, open a PO box and
merchant account, form an LLC or incorporate their scam operation.
Advanced scammers  usually advertise in the business opportunity and or
employment section in newspapers, or on the internet search engines.
However, these scammers have learned to avoid Ebay as Ebay has close
connections with law enforcement.  

It is much more advantageous for these crooks to set up their own
operations rather than tango with the 50 billion dollar Ebay. Advanced
scammers usually net tens of thousands to a million dollars during the
duration of their scamming. It may take years to a decade before law
enforcement is able to crack down on these scammers. Getting your money
back form an advanced scammer is difficult, but possible.

Big Dogs

These scammers are the most formidable. They have huge budgets and
typically advertise on infomercials as well as in the newspaper. They also
host elaborate seminars and may have offices scattered throughout the
country. It isn't uncommon for the big dogs to reap tens of millions of dollars
until they are busted. The ringleaders of such scams typically serve long jail
sentences for mail fraud and false advertising. The proceeds are usually
spent on lavish houses, fancy cars, yachts, and other luxuries so it is next to
impossible to get all your money back even after these crooks are arrested.
Only a tiny fraction of your money may be recovered.

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