Five Warnings Signs of an Internet Scam

Most scam business offers have five things in common. Before you decide
to invest your hard-earned money in an Internet business, be sure to
compare the offer to this list. The following warning signs might very well
help you avoid a financial disaster!

1. No Contact Information or Limited Contact Information - Most scam
artists don't want you to be able to locate them easily. After all, if you could
find them easily, so could the authorities. That's why they often only give an
email address (usually from a free provider like Yahoo or Hotmail) and/or a
post office box. On the other hand, reputable companies DO want you to be
able to contact them quickly and easily. They'll offer several ways...
telephone, physical address, email, fax, etc.

2. No Verifiable References or Testimonials - Notice I said, "verifiable."
Anyone can make up references or testimonials that would make you think a
business opportunity is wonderful. But can you verify them? Do they list Web
site addresses or email addresses for the people who supposedly gave the
testimonials? Is there a way to contact the satisfied customers? If not... if you
only see a reference ending with "John D. - California" - beware.

3. Phony Association Information - Many times, we take for granted the fact
that someone offering a business opportunity is a legitimate company just
because a Better Business Bureau or iCop logo is posted on the company's
Web site. Not true! These logos can be simply copied and pasted onto the
scam artist's site. There is a way to verify whether the company is a
legitimate member. Click the logo. If it goes to a profile of the company (on
the BBB or iCop site), you'll know this company is an authentic member of
the association.

4. "Make Thousands With No Work On Your Part" - This is the biggest lie
on the Internet today. Everyone loves the idea of making thousands of
dollars while they sleep. Is it possible? Yes! That part isn't a lie. The
statement that it will take no work on your part is the lie. Even if the company
gives you a free Web site, free products to sell for 100% profit, and a free
shopping cart, you still have to work - and work hard! How will people find
your new Web site? You'll have to market it. That takes a LOT of work in and
of itself. Beware when people tell you that their business opportunities take
no effort from you.

5. Rushing You To Make A Decision - I'm not talking about the product sites
that offer special discounts if you buy before a specific date. I'm talking about
the business opportunity companies that - instead of answering your
questions - pressure you to go ahead and buy in. I advise you not to trust
anyone who is unwilling to give you the information you need to make a
qualified decision. I can almost promise a scam is involved if that is the

Bottom Line

The bottom line is this: Any company offering legitimate business
opportunities will want to talk with you, will want to give you all the
information you need, will not give a false appearance of credibility, will help
you work through the financial aspects of joining the company, and will have
verifiable references that you can contact. Beware of anyone who does not
offer these things. By keeping your eyes open for the five warning signs
listed above, you can save a lot of trouble and money.

What to do if scammed
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