Work at Home Listings

  Work at home listings are employment offers where you can get paid to
work at home instead of an office. Work at Home listings have become
increasingly popular in the past decade as more and more people are
opting to leave the cubicle and spend time at home.

However, there are a lot of work at home scams. These are listings that
usually require an upfront fee and offer no actual employment in return. It is
estimated scammers bilk over $150 million dollars a year from wishful
home workers every year! Don't be one of these victims.

Here are some of the more common work at home scams you may come

Envelope Stuffing
Assembly Work
Medical Billing
Home Typist
Name Compiler
Photography Job Scams
Graphics/Webdesign Job Scams
Mystery Shopping
Paid Surveys

Not sure if a work at home listing is a scam or legitimate? Read my article
about the
warning signs of scams. After reading this two-part article you will
be armed with the essential knowledge to avoid getting robbed by these
work at home con artists.
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Copyright 2005
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